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This site is given to organizing a female Muay Thai and boxing sparring circle, in which New York City women are given the opportunity to gain the experience necessary to improve their skills. The hope is to provide a variety of sparring experiences of different levels and techniques – enough getting too comfortable with the same girls/guys in your gym –  and also to help build some contacts and community.

But really it is for those who just love Muay Thai, and want to practice more of it in new situations.

Any questions, email sylvie at



  1. females need to connect and train great idea. I will be at Arden Sweet Science on 32 4th ave

  2. Hi Ladies, I love what you are doing and want to get involved. I am a certified Muay Thai Referee, many of you may know me from Muay Thai shows around NY sanctioned by USMTA. If you would like me to come down and work a few rounds for the fighters, so they get the experience of fighting w a ref. and to keep it safe in general, just send me an email with your schedule and we can talk further from there.

  3. Hi Joel,

    That is a very generous offer, and poses something we have not even thought about (there is safety supervision though). Right now the sparring is very loosely organized, often with two pair in the ring, or even with an additional pair on the floor (because the sparring is continuous). Women just cycle in or out, matching up impromtu, depending on how tired they are, or how much work they want. But I certainly can see how what you offer could be something really interesting and a benefit if we were to specifically organize it. I’ll shoot you an email with this response and some of the details.

  4. hey everyone,
    october 23, 2009 there will be a great event hosted by friday night fights its the annual 8 man elimination tournament. This year they are hosting the event with some of the best talent within the junior welterweights; fighters will be coming from all over the united states and canada as well. My boyfriend Richard Callado will be fighting, and it would be so wonderful if some of the ladies and well as muay thai fans can come out and show some support.
    the event: Friday Night Fight’s annual 8 man elimination tournament
    Address: Broadstreet Ballroom; 41 Broadstreet between beaver and exchange street.
    Date: October 23, 2009
    Time: doors open at 7:30 pm
    Ticket: general admission is 40, and then second and front row tickets are avaiable.
    For more information check out

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