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When the opportunity arose to attend Nathalie Fuz’s retirement fight, a significant change in the life of Nathalie who I had recently met and interviewed for an article, it seemed that the event must be captured in some way; I could not let it pass only as a spectator.  I asked, and Nathalie welcomed me to interview her again, as well as her partner Kelly – and with the hospitality of Justin Blair of Friday Night Fights the whole special event was opened for filming.   Below is the film that resulted, much of it on-camera interviews with Nathalie and Kelly.  But it can also be viewed as a personal expression of what Muay Thai is and specifically female Muay Thai.   The film focuses on how Muay Thai is so much more than “the fight”, aimed at the entire circle of lives and relationships and concepts that come together, and came together as Nathalie prepared for and then reflected upon the final fight of her career…this last contest before she opens her own gym, and concentrates fulltime on her own students.

The Entire film (45 minutes) can be seen on Megavideo here, in perhaps slightly better video quality and full screen, recommended. (When you get to the Megavideo link, just click the red play arrow, and then the green.)

Or it can be seen in these five parts on youtube which are cut with just a bit of overlap:

The way that the film developed in editing was that the first two  “parts” form a small 20 minute film on their own, and the secondary post-fight reflection a kind of commentary on all that preceded. Perhaps it is Muay Thai in its art, and then its thoughts. It stands as a whole, but then again it is two films. View it how you wish.



  1. great what a positive motivating individual, and a dynamite coach!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful. I loved watching the whole film. Natahlie you are so positive, inspiring, and I love how you desire to share with any that care to hear!

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