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Sarah and Chris from Church Street Boxing have invited us all out to spar at Far Rockaway Beach, which would be something really nice and different. It goes right into the idea that the sparring circle is about building a community of women, an excitment about training that goes beyond any one time and place. And sparring outdoors at the beach, who can turn that down? If you haven’t come to any of our Ardon Sweet Science sparrings, this might be a really nice way to check it out. And invite any friends who are interested.

The thought is to have two meeting times. The first one is at 1:00 pm, when we can all meet up with Sarah and go for a run on the boardwalk. The second one is for those who just want to come and spar, and that is at 2:30 pm. Chris will be there for the sparring to keep an eye out, and there is an open area near the boardwalk where we can hold the activity. Pretty cool.

To get there is really easy, and we give a map below (click on it for searchable directions). The A train stop at Beach 90th Street is right there, or if you need a ride from somewhere maybe we can help out (email or facebook us). The weather is looking pretty good, 80° and only isolated t-storms. What Sarah thought was best was that at each time (1 and 2:30) we meet at Beach 92nd Street and the Boardwalk, and we’re sure to reconize each other. The sparring should be great, really casual (full protection though), no gym time limits. And when you’re beat, you just go lay on the sand, and swim in the sea;  just do your own thing, or whatever.

Shoes may be needed for the surface we’re sparring on. We’re checking. [edit: sparring on just grass]


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