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The energy was different this time: deeper, longer rhythmed, maybe more serious. Many women showed up who couldn’t spar, but they came to give their support and cheer us on; and the group is expanding. Laurie got in the ring and displayed her wonderful axe-kick, (even teaching some of its secrets), and was an encouraging sparring partner.  Florina and Lucy (5 Points) came by to watch, and Deb got in the ring this time – big time.  Ernie from Fighthouse stepped in. It’s nice to see the evolution, as different girls come and each one makes her imprint. I personally evolved with the group since last week, taking it upon myself mentally to focus on one or two techniques that I want to improve, which I think taught me a lot about myself as a muay thai fighter.

Some clinching was incorporated, but we really should work on that more, (and I forgot to buy my kneepads, so I couldn’t bring in knees yet).  Many women did have knee pads, though knees were not really used.  I say, let’s bring both knees and clinching more into it so the skills practiced match reality. (And Deb, I still want to bring elbow pads, and practice light elbows to the body.) Any more thoughts people have on what would make it better, on if the sparring level was right for you, or the things we could improve, please mention them here, or at the facebook page.

All-in-all another step forward. The truth is none of us know where this is going, what it can become. We just contribute what we do and see what happens when women get together who really love something. Greg again was a level and supportive presence and I really look foward to next Tuesday when some of the girls from the first meeting and the new ones from the second mix together.

We’ll be posting about going out to the beach to spar on Sunday soon, with exact directions, times, etc. I see Partly cloudy, 84° on, so the weather is looking good.


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