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Our second meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday night at 7:00-ish (we’ll be in the ring at 7:30), at Greg Ardon’s gym. For those who haven’t come yet, map and directions are found here. Last week couldn’t have gone any better. The group spirit and the sparring was just right, and we really look forward to more women joining as several more have indicated that they will be there. If you just aren’t sure, come on by and take a look at what is happening, it goes for about an hour. 

If any can think to bring knee pads there has been some talk about incorporating knees (I’ll have to pick some up myself), and we’ll definitely bring clinching into it.

See you there! And keep in mind we’re thinking of sparring at the beach on Sunday, if weather is good.


Below is our most up to date list of women who have expressed interest in joining. If you’d like to be on it just email us, and if you can help us fill in the blanks or correct any information please do. It is growing! Also, there is a facebook group that is started around the circle, so feel free to join or invite others to it. It’s where pictures will be found and updates on meeting times and places. If you don’t have facebook, send us your email so we can notify you of new info.  And please invite your friends from other gyms; all women are welcome.


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