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Sarah Gregory and Chris Romulo have invited the sparring circle up to Far Rockaway Beach, and we are thinking that a Sunday is best.

We live a 1/2 block from the beach and there is a good area just down the block that we thought could work for sparring. There is a 7 mile long boardwalk- maybe we could get a quick run in.

There is a subway- the A train to far rockway- I can give more specifics from there.

For those who don’t know Chris – and we have not met him yet – he is a Muay Thai trainer and pro fighter with Church Street.  Sarah will be at our next sparring session on Tuesday at Ardon Sweet Science so we can get some more details then. But tentatively we are thinking that August 9th might make a nice day to go (one week from this Sunday). Chris should be back from training in Brooklyn around 2 pm. It might be really nice to head out to the beach and go for a boardwalk run, and then spar outside with the breeze on us.  (Chris has offered to keep an eye out.)  Let us know what you think, if the date and time is good, and if the idea feels nice. This is very much keeping with the idea that the circle is something transportable.  From the beginning Elianna got a kick out the thought of a bunch of girls sparring outside and I think it would be fun too.

I’m thinking of this as a kind outing and extra sparring session for those who can come, meaning we still meet at Sweet Science on the following Tuesday.  And it’s the beach!!

As Sarah mentions, the A train goes out there, and we (my husband and I) have a car, so we can certainly give a ride to some. Maybe others with cars can pool as well.



  1. Me, Eliana and Alanna should be out there that sun anyhow…

  2. I should be down for that too!

  3. Wow, that’s seven of us already! We’ll see if we can get a few more.

    (Something about velcro and sand totally freaks me out.)

  4. we will be working on the grass so no shoes necessary- we will scout for dog poop first 😉

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