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Tonight was the first meeting of the New York Women’s Sparring Circle.  A punctual group (!), we met at Ardon Sweet Science in Brooklyn at 7:00 and began our sparring at 7:30. It was impressive how quickly and easily we could all organize ourselves into pairs and how the rotation of partners occurred without any dictation; just invitations to get in the ring and spar for a couple rounds and then break or pair back off as needed.  So much fun!

We defaulted into 3 minute rounds with a 30 second break in between, so for those feeling a little pressed by the pace, it was a heavy pace.  I think we did great.  And two pair in the ring at a time seemed comfortable and a good use of space.  I’d say that with more girls we might want to utilize the floorspace outside of the ring, but resting and watching was perfect with the numbers we had today.  A great turnout for the first session, including women who for various reasons did not spar today (Deb, Lorena), but were an awesome addition and wonderful presence in the group.  Over and above, Greg Ardon’s presence – calm and cool at the side of the ring – set the tone for serious, safe, and autonomous sparring.  It was exciting to meet those of you who I’ve only interacted with online and very exciting to spar with new people; each person challanged me in a unique way and I was inspired by seeing how everyone seemed to spar differently with each other.

I’m already amped for next week and I’m hoping we can use the rest of this week to discuss what we think was great and we want to be sure to continue, or what we think was not quite right and we want to improve on.  I’m so excited by how well we worked together and took control of the space as a group.

For all those looking into it and thinking about coming, please do. The more the better.  And for everyone there today, thank you so much for coming and I hope to see you all next Tuesday! (Same time, same place.)



  1. I didn’t realize they were 3 min rounds w/ 30 sec rest! I think we should throw clinching in… I know I need work w/ that. The pics are a great addition to this!

  2. i agree with heather we should def try to incorporate more clinching and knees. we can just wear knee pads if anything

  3. What kind of knee pads does one wear for sparring? Are they like volleyball knee pads or are there special designs?

    I love the idea.

    Actually, I’d like to wear elbow-pads too and incorporate light elbows to the body.

  4. Wrestling knee pads..anything with some padding. We have the Brute brand at the gym.

    Elbow pads would be fun….never trained with elbows to the body.

  5. What…I am missing out on all this training…wish we were closer..Cousin.

    • you’re welcomed to move close to us so you can join us

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