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We’ve had good input from many of us regarding equipment: how many ounces for gloves, use of headgear, how many girls in the ring at a time, and how we should go about timing and facilitating rotation for rounds.

We have not reached a consensus on the latter two, but I think we can firmly state that gloves used for our sparring circle should be either 14 oz or 16 oz.  Headgear and shinguards are mandatory; if anyone does not have personal equipment (be it appropriate gloves, headgear, or shinguards) please let us know now so that anyone with access to extra equipment can bring it along.  Mouthpieces are, of course, required and must be provided individually.

As for deciding about rounds and rotation, I think we should discuss this first thing when we meet tomorrow and come to a decision quickly, with the understanding that it can change.  Deb and Peelo both commented that 5 Points and Fighthouse use 3 minute rounds; I think Church Street uses 2 minute rounds, but I’m not sure.  Maybe Eliana or Heather can clarify that.  Peelo and I both advocate for keeping with one partner for at least 2 rounds in order to allow for adaptation, but we will have to take into account how many rounds will be required total in order to get as much variety in the rotation as possible.  Also, 5 Points and Fighthouse both end with a few rounds of clinching, whereas other gyms do not practice clinching during sparring.  We’ll have to decide if we want to designate clinching to a certain number of rounds, or whether it should simply be incorporated into the sparring itself.  I’m hesitant to say that there should be any kind of direction for what we should do and when, as this is not a class.  So, maybe it can be decided between each pair whether or not clinching will be involved in the rounds.  What does everyone think?

Regarding number of girls in the ring, Peelo and Deb both spar in gyms that put at least two pair in the ring at a time.  I like that this forces the couples to stay in range of one another, due to limiting the space, but I also feel that it does not train one to stay in range purposefully when the whole ring is available.  Deb points out that being in the ring is good for learning how to move your opponent where you want them, which to me is another reason to limit the number of fighters in the ring to two.  This should be discussed though, so please comment with any preference.

We’re expecting 7-8 women tomorrow, though more may come by.  I’m excited.


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  1. Awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. I probably will not be able to spar as the coaches tend to be pretty strict about taking a week off from Muay Thai/contact after a fight to avoid injuries and overtraining. At the very least, I have sweats and my jumprope if I get antsy and I can help with the monitoring of the sparring if needed.

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