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Location, Time

We’ve already received firm commitments from several women and some hopeful others so we fixed the date for our first sparring meeting this Tuesday, July 28th, trying to get there at 7:15 pm (the ring will be ready at 7:30). We appreciate the enthusiasm that has surrounded this idea, and all the support that has been offered by local gyms and trainers. A sign that it is something that addresses a need is that it took just over a week to go from an idea to a reality. If you have not already told us you are coming, please do let us now so we know what to expect.

The meeting place is Ardon Sweet Science in Brooklyn, at 861 4th Ave (click on the map below). As you can see, its just a few blocks from the D, M, N and R train 36th street stop (which can be easily reached by transfer from the 4, 5, 2, 3, B, Q etc at the Atlantic stop, when coming from Manhattan). If you have any problems finding your way there email us and we’ll do our best to get you exact directions.

What to Bring

All sparring will be done with headgear, shin-guards, mouth piece and gloves – 16 oz preferred (we’ll try to share some equipment if you have yet to buy your own, but no promises). While this is not an instruction class, ALL trainers are welcome as well (Greg Ardon will be there to keep an eye out). And if you are are on the fence about the whole thing, just come down and watch and see if it is something you want to join in on. If you like what you see and those you meet, you can come again next week, or just step in. It would be nice if our very first gathering is well attended, but the entire thing is evolving as we go. We want this to be a personal, if enjoyably contested environment wherein we learn from each other, and ALL improve. Come and see what you can give to the others.

Note: Ardon Sweet Science is hard to see from the street. It has no sign, and is on the second floor. It is located on the SE side of the street, just look for the address above the door (pictured below). There is not even a handle on the door. Once you get up the stairs, its a spatious, warm, accomodating space.

We still need to iron out details about the sparring itself, for instance we prefer if the sparring is fairly continuous (with people sitting out whenever they wish), with the equal opportunity for everyone to have chances in the ring, and to be able to change or pick partners has they would like. Perhaps we’ll start with two in the ring, and pair off on the sides for a couple of rounds, rotate and mix as we want. If anyone has ideas do comment or email.



  1. speaking for myself i am out of shape so i will definitely need to take some breaks. if there are alot of people two pairs in the ring at a time for two or three consecutive rounds? if not too many people then just the one pair. i like having at least two consecutive rounds with a person so you can learn to adapt. heather brought up what weight for the gloves. i can do whatever size but i know some people prefer to spar with 16oz. i am not sure if everyone has those or not i am fine with whatever size.

    • Personally, I’d like to try to keep the number of people in the ring to two, as much as possible. More than one pair and it ceases to be a ring and feels more like floor space. We’ll have to figure it out with how many of us show up each time.
      I agree that two or three consecutive rounds with one partner is best.
      As per gloves: we have to include as many people as possible with the equipment we have, but we also have to respect the equipment requirements that some gyms mandate for their fighters. I’m fine with any size glove, but not coming from a gym where I have access to communal equipment, I’m not really able to have more than one size unless I can borrow it from somewhere. We have to be sensitive to the fact that girls may not have a lot of variety in the equipment they own or have access to; so we should try to spar with 16 oz gloves and if a girl has lighter oz gloves, we can make a decision on a case by case basis of whether each girl is comfortable sparring with those gloves or not.

  2. What do people tend to do when they spar at their gyms? For the most part, we do a minimum of 6 by 3 minute rounds followed by 2-3 rounds of clinching. Sometimes Arjan Steve will have us spar for 8-10 rounds of 3 minutes with 2-3 rounds of clinching at the end. And sometimes he throws in 4 minute rounds x 6-8 rounds. It’s also pretty common for us to have 2 pairs up in the ring….sometimes we run into each other but I think the more sparring experience you can get in the ring, the better it is because you can work on pressuring someone to move where you want them to. As for sparring gloves…I’ve always used 14 oz but I’ve even gotten smacked around hardcore by some big guys or gotten my ass handed to me by Emily with 10 oz gloves (at least I know no one will hit me as hard as she can – very useful for fight prep).

  3. at fighthouse they rotate every round 2 or 3 min rounds with a diff person each time till everyone goes with a diff person then they clinch. im not saying this is the ideal. i like the idea of sparring with knees and clinch becuz i feel that people get too comfortable with barging forward without the consequences of a straight knee. jessica only has 14oz gloves but i can use either 14s or 16oz.

  4. Oh, another thing, when we spar, we always wear knee pads. Even if we don’t clinch, people will still throw long knees from time to time.

  5. I love the idea that you throw knees in sparring. I haven’t really experienced that and it’s so essential to muay thai. We’ll have to check that out.

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