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We’ve had some very enthused responses (both from women we’ve talked to and gyms), and are close to posting all our initial options for our first meeting. Maybe in the next day we can put up photos, addresses and details of what is before us, and people can voice their opinion of what is best for them, or most interesting. It seems important though to just start meeting up, and not worry about finding just the right thing. Once the sparring starts everyone will have a better feel for what is going on and we can switch places if everything isn’t best. Once sparring starts also more women will join in, as it will be less abstract, a real thing.

We can say, right now Greg over at Sweet Science has been very generous and offered us his gym and ring at a convenient time (thank you Nicole for the suggestion), and we are exploring the availability of Church Street, Fighthouse and very cheaply rented-out studio space in lower Manhattan (Peelo, nice).

If anyone has more thoughts on when or where you would like to spar, please do post them in the comments, or email us. Also think HOW you want to spar, how important having a ring is, or having the room for continuous sparring is, how rotations should work, things like that.

More soon.


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