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Orienting Ourselves

Just to give people a sense of where things are that we are talking about, here is map of locations that are shaping up from our suggestions and contacts. It contains Church Street Boxing, the Wat, 5 points (seen below), Fighthouse, and Ardon Sweet Science (Brooklyn) as well as points at public spaces: Columbus Park in Chinatown the River Terrace at Governor Nelson a Rockefeller Park (point left on the Hudson) and Washington Square Park (bet. Wat and Fighthouse). Please suggest more if you can.


[click on detail image for larger, clearer version]

Progress on Interest

As an update, we talked to Susan over at the Wat yesterday and she seemed pretty excited about the idea, feeling as we’ve heard from other gyms that this is much needed. It can be good for women to spar with larger men, but not always. And there are alot of different things one gets out of sparring; its not always technical. She said she would see Kru Phil that night and will run it past him, so perhaps the Wat would be interested in hosting the group after one of their regular classes, before they close. Or more of their girls will join us.

We’ve contacted Five Points Academy posting through the “fan” feature of their Facebook page, and asked Camp Undefeated if they were interested in hosting, yet to hear from either. And yet to hear from Sweet Science which Nicole suggested. So if any of you have personal contact maybe you can forward the word and see just what is possible in terms of days and times (evening or late, after the last class during the week seems to be where we are headed).

Peelo suggests that we try Fighthouse where she has found it comfortable to spar, which seems to charge $10 for open use, and may involve access to the ring, depending on if Boxing or Muay Thai is using it or not. We emailed Brandon a few times, but haven’t heard back yet, but perhaps this is a way to go. To speak personally though, and each of us have different needs, because we travel quite far and the budget is very thin, even $10 is a little much as it costs us about $20 just to get to the city. We kinda wanted to keep it free of charge, also to make it as unusual and open to others as possible. We all have our main training costs and devotions, this is just a little something extra for us.

Peelo also suggests, following along our idea of meeting in a public park,

“columbus park in chinatown has an astroturf area that we could spar at. i know its public and may be awkward but people do kung fu stuff there so it wouldnt be THAT weird. i offer this as a back up”

We add this to the other two on the map, a grass field on the water near Battery Park, and Washington Square Park which has open grass spaces too. Any of these might make for spontaneous meeting places if we just want to bring the gear and spar informally, just to get some contact in.

The nice thing about getting this list together is even though it is meant to organize a once-a-week thing, when we get the contact lists up anyone can get together with anyone else, and spar where you like.

Perhaps what would be ideal would be to spread the benefit and burden to several gyms, moving between maybe 4 through the month. That way we all get a taste of other gyms, spaces, people, etc. And women from each gym would be willing to join our group. At least in the beginning it works out as a kind of open house. Coming to mind, maybe:

 Church Street, the Wat, Fighthouse and Sweet Science might make a good four. Or mix in a park setting to keep it all informal. Let us know what you think in feedback.

Some Muay Thai Times at Gyms in NYC

Just to have a ballpark of Muay Thai classes and their times in nyc where some of our interested women may be coming from here is a very rough schedule from four places. The Church Street schedule is from Jason, the other 3 come from their websites. Many other classes were listed at other times or beginner level, and there is also boxing. This is just a general sense of times from where most women would be coming from. It also gives a sense of when a space could be available for us.

[click on image for a larger version] 

Deborah mentions that Five Points might be really hard to have as a space during the week, but perhaps later, after 8 on Monday, Wedensday or Thursday.

Sorry for any inaccuracies, and feel free to correct us. The online schedules are found here: Fighthouse, the Wat, Five Points


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