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Finding a Place

Nicole recommends Ardon Sweet Science in Brooklyn as a possible place to host us (we contacted them on facebook today). And Jason at Church Street Boxing has generously offered the back ring during Saturday day, though we haven’t heard back yet if it would be available during the week at all. It seems that Saturday isn’t turning out to be the best time for some. We haven’t been to Sweet Science, but the space looks certainly big enough in this youtube (here), with adequate floor space for continuous out-of-the-ring sparring. We also asked Brandon at Fighthouse which has a pretty large floor, but haven’t heard back from him (perhaps someone over there can find out if he’s interested). I see that Kru Phil’s schedule at the Wat might allow for an opening for later evening events at the beginning of the week, but they probably close up. We’ll ask. It could be that we travel around from space to space, which may be nice, and not too burdensome to any one gym. Or maybe we can meet later, like 9 – 10:30, in order to find a free space not in prime time (let us know if you have any thoughts about that). Also, open is the idea that we can just meet in a public park and make it happen on our own.

Ardon Sweet Science is, as we said, in Brooklyn, and most of the gyms we are coming from are in lower Manhattan; perhaps voice if there is any preference for where we meet.


Some Thoughts on What is Good

We’ll be driving down pretty far for this, as we have been, so we’d hope that as much as an hour and a half would be available (people coming and going when they wish), and that there would be enough space so that the sparring is relatively continuous (not just in the ring). Its also nice, as Church Street does in their sparing, if two girls can hold the ring alone, and then rotate out, just to get a full feel for space. Any thoughts on how YOU would like to spar, please give them. As said before, we can even just meet up at a public park and just mix it up.

Latest Schedule of Interest

[Click on image for larger version]

Monday is looking better, but perhaps some can email or comment if they have another “best” day so we can put it on the schedule and see how everything shakes out. Also, send corrections if the schedule doesn’t reflect what you mean (thanks Heather!). Remember, your name on the list doesn’ t mean a commitment at all, or to say that you are coming, only that you are interested and when you might be available. It just gives everyone a sense of where we stand.


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