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Times and Days

Here is an update of the general availability of those that that have expressed interest in our sparring circle (click on the image for a more readable copy).

At this very early stage Monday through Thursday evenings are the only slots that have no negations, but lets let others sign up and see where it goes, we’ve just been coming together for little more than a day. Also, we know that Church Street and Fighthouse have classes on at least Tuesdays, and The Wat on Thursdays, so when we can we should try not to cut into gym times. If people can mention when they usually go to training, we can x those out too.

Meeting Place

If anyone has an idea of where we can meet, we should be working on that too. Originally we thought that even meeting at an open public space like a park would be fine, but perhaps a gym with a ring that would want to open their space to us would be better because, among other things, its weather proof. We want to keep this informal though, under no particular gym’s direction.



  1. Hey so I meant to say any wk night.. Sat and Sun day or night once the summer is over! heh heh

  2. columbus park in chinatown has an astroturf area that we could spar at. i know its public and may be awkward but people do kung fu stuff there so it wouldnt be THAT weird. i offer this as a back up

  3. Not quite sure what the deal would be for using the 5 Points facility although there are a lot of classes going on so during the week would be completely out. The only day that might be good is Sunday but only before 12 pm generally.

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