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Building a Schedule

The first day’s response is in and this is what its looking like:

Churchstreet: Heather; and Eliana (boxing)

Fighthouse: Lorena Lee; and Peelo, independently trained

Master K: Sylvie

This is a rough sketch of the schedules of each (updated)  – click on the image for a bigger, more readable copy:

If you can in the comments section (or email) just let us know what days/nights (times) are definite “NOs” what are tentative yeses, and which ones are the very BEST. And we’ll post an updated schedule and see what works out. If you notice an inaccuracy in the schedule for you, let us know too. 

Keep spreading the word.



  1. Hi Sophie,

    My name is Sarah- I’m a female Boxer (about 135 lbs)from Church St (spar w Heather, Alanna, Eliana).

    My schedule is up in the air but can try to be flexible during week but weekends I am out of town.

    Thanks for organizing!


    • Hi Sarah,

      I’m happy your interested and hope to be able to organize during the week so that we can get as much variety as possible.

      (I may have seen you on Tuesday when I came to Church Street; don’t know how many girls are there usually.)

      Hope to meet you soon!

  2. hey i should have written that tuesdays and thursdays after 12 im free, fridays after 6 and sundays whenever

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