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Muay Thai Sparring

This is a meeting ground for women interested in finding other women to spar with in New York City. We would like to organize a sparring circle that will meet maybe as much as once a week, either in a public space (a park perhaps), or at an available gym with a ring. Female boxers are welcome as well. The aim is to give all a chance to have a greater variety of sparring experiences than what any one gym would offer.  Medium-light, full-contact sparring with headgear and shinguards. It’s not so much a place for instruction, as one to try out the instruction you got at your gym or from your trainer, and maybe pick up some things from others.

(If you’re just not sure, leave a comment as well just to add to the database of interested muay thai women.)

We are thinking that maybe Saturday morning or early afternoon would be a very good time, but perhaps Sunday is possible as well, or a Monday evening; all suggestions are welcome. 

Please use the comments section of this page for posting your best schedule,  home/work location, weight and experience, and best contact information.  If you would rather not post any information publically, use my email below. Bringing your own personal equipment is a must (although headgear and shinguards could be shared).

Also, if you have a good space or a location in mind please do mention it.

Once we get an idea of when and where everyone can meet, these sessions will be able to take form.

Any questions, email me, Sylvie, at

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  1. This is Sylvie.
    I’ve been training in Muay Thai for about 18 months and have one fight; I’m looking to fight again soon.
    I’m 5’2″ and fight at about 100 lbs.
    My home and work locations are in the Hudson Valley, but I will be commuting down to the city for the sparring.
    I have contact with a few gyms in NYC: the Wat, Church Street Boxing, and Fighthouse.
    My best time is Monday evening (Tues-Thurs evenings are good too), Saturday late mornings or early afternoons are difficult but possible (I work til 5 am !); every other Sunday is good too. My current preference is Monday or another T-Th evening.
    I can be contacted through email:

  2. Sweet! Sounds like a great and very much needed idea! I’m in! Let’s get this going!

    • Heather, I’m so glad you’re in! I sent the link to Alanna and I’ll send it to Eliana, too.
      Could you ask Sharon (Charyl?) if she’s interested?

    • 122 pds.. Any night pretty much works.. days id only know if I was available the night beforehand

  3. Yes, please! Great idea.
    Boxer, 117lbs Do you need that?
    Mornings before 9am or evenings after 6. Weekends anytime.

    • Oh good! Yes, please include weight and experience so we can get an idea of how we’re matching up.

  4. sounds good, i posted it to my facebook. hopefully some other girls will be interested too.

    • That was a great idea; worked! Glad you’re in!

  5. monday eve would be good, i just cant do saturday afternoons

  6. I’m interested! Let’s get some more girls on here!

    • That’s great Lorena Lee. What times are you available, or are best (after your two week break)?

  7. Interesting! I may be able to do it although Saturdays are pretty much out as I am obliged to get smacked around at 9 am. Thursday or Friday evenings or Sundays are good for me.

    I’m 5’2″, fight at 118, have had 5 fights, and have been training Muay Thai for 4 years now at 5 Points. I’ll share with the ladies there and see if anyone is interested.

    • Hey Deborah, that sounds wonderful. We really wanted to hear from 5 points (!) Do spread the word.

      Kevin (Sylvie’s husband)

    • Are you Deborah Liao and did you fight MMA at the WKA, in the final?

      If so, you were INCREDIBLE! Absolutely amazing in spirit and technique and you won, hands down!

      If you’re not her and you know her at 5 Points, please pass the message along.

      4 years on Muay Thai is great.

  8. sounds like a great idea. saturdays are not so good for me, I work until late morning as well. Monday nights might be great. I am suggesting Ardon Sweet Science as a possible place.

    • Nicole,

      Maybe you can ask over there at Sweet Science if they have space available Monday (or T-Th) evenings, that they can open for us?

      Glad you’re interested!

  9. peelo here, i would suggest fighthouse. it costs 10 bucks to to come in and just use space. depending on whether the boxers or muay thai class are using the ring we can use it.

  10. hey sylvie, call fighthouse and let them know what you need. speak to the owner sifu chau. see if you can work out a deal and the times that it is less busy

    • Thanks Peelo, that really helps. Will do.

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